Photo by David Hodges
Release Date: February 26 2008
Website Mapping Project
The N.C. Paddle Trails Association (NCPTA) with the establishment of its new website will next undertake an effort to develop downloadable maps for each paddle trail in North Caroina. Currently we are providing a link to the existing paddle trail guides that are on the web, as well as the local trail guides that have been produced by local paddle clubs and other organizations.

This effort will reqire developing downloadable maps of the current trail maps and mapping other trails that are sponsored by local groups. There are approximately 1,500 miles of paddle trails in the current inventory, and we estimate an additional 2,000 miles are available for mapping. NCPTA has and will continue seeking grant funds to conduct this project, but is also seeking sponsorship of the project by individuals and businesses. If you would like to discuss helping in this project, contact Executive Director Tom Potter.

NCPTA encourages paddlers and businesses related to our paddling industry to support our efforts by becoming a member of the Association.

Any suggestions for improving our website, making it more user friendly and developing a statewide system of paddle trails will certianly be appreciated. Forward any suggestions to Tom Potter.
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